Think Pink

Day 6 already! Can't believe December is flying by so quickly. Yesterday was a really fun day - went into the city with Tashi and we shot 5 different outfits. The first shoot was a very festive one with Christmas trees and lights that we found around the city. The problem was that we arrived at peak hour so had to awkwardly take photos in the middle of the footpath, with hundreds of people walking past. Despite many strange looks, I was very happy with how the photos turned out. I'm currently in the process of sorting all 700 of the photos and will get them edited and uploaded very soon! 

The shoot below was one that Tashi and I shot a couple of months ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen some of these photos already! I've been loving the colour pink recently, so I've been trying to incorporate it into my outfits more. 

I've also decided to give skirts a go again. For years I haven't worn them because they just haven't worked with my body shape, but lately I've been giving them a second chance and have been very happy with the ones I've found - including the one below! 

I'm about to head off to my netball game, so enjoy your evening and speak tomorrow!
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