How to: Start a Bullet Journal | part III

My most viewed blog post ever is How to: Start a Bullet Journal, and so today I'm going to show you my bullet journal planner set-up for 2018. I already have done a part 2 which you can view here, so this is part 3 of my bullet journal series. 

Now I'll have to admit, it's been a few months since I last journaled, a big reason being that I lost it. A few weeks ago, my brother found it at the bottom of a drawer so I've been very excited to start again!

For my 2018 set-up, I haven't done too many pages as I just wanted to keep it simple. Additionally, any pages you forget can just be added in later and then indexed! The spreads I have done so far are: 2018 page, January page, January planner, January expenses, to-do list, gratitude log and a habit tracker. I've been journaling for a while now so I know these are the pages I typically use each month. If I notice I haven't been using one, I won't draw it up for the following month - and maybe even add a new one in to try.

I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest as well as Instagram accounts dedicated to bujo (bullet journals). Typically, I will journal every night, so I can fill in any trackers/ logs and do a quick set-up for the following day. The reason I don't just set up every day at the start of the week is that some days I use a whole page and some days I need a few lines. 

Hopefully you find some inspiration from this post for your own planner or bullet journal! 

Tonight I'm headed to a celebratory dinner for my brother who has just finished primary school. Have a lovely evening! 

G x


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