Adventure of a Lifetime

It's been less than a month since my final high school exams finished and so much has happened already! The Thursday afternoon after I finished, my best friend Caitlin and I went to markets in the city before filling ourselves with the most delicious veggie dumplings. We then headed back to my place where we watched movies, ate more food and chatted. The next day I met up for brekkie with another friend, did some more shopping and then got ready with Caitlin and Tashi for a denim themed social (see a pic here). I stayed at Caitlin's place that night, then on Saturday we went to another friend's 18th lunch. The Sunday consisted mainly of me on face-time to Tashi, complaining about packing for the next week (packing is one of my least favourite things to do), but after a 3 hour long call and many Facebook breaks, I had almost finished packing my bag.

The next day, 6 of us headed off to a beach house up north to celebrate finishing school. It was genuinely one of the best weeks ever that involved swimming, hiking, dancing, beach walks, board games, painting, cooking and movies. Half way through the week, 4 guys came up and joined us. On their first night, we stayed up till 4am chatting on the pier and playing board games. Other nights we played touch football at midnight on the beach, ate pizzas and had movie marathons. 

Our last day was definitely the best - we all stayed up until 4.30am playing board games and chatting, then Tashi, Elle and I hiked up a mountain to watch the sunrise. We were all so tired after having 0 hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it. We took lots of photos throughout the week which I wanted to post on my blog - partly to show you guys, but mostly so that I can look back at them. 

If I have time, I might put together a video of the week and add it below but in the meantime, enjoy the photos and have a lovely week!

Much love,
G x

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Life Updates

I feel like it's been forever since I last sat down and wrote a post (to be fair it's been over a month) and I have so much to fill you in on!

I had my last day EVER of school over a month ago which involved a lot of crying/ laughing/ dancing/ celebrating/ hugging. After all of the celebrations, study for final exams continued, hence why I have been absent for so long. I had my last ever high school exam on Thursday (Chem) which went well. I'm so so so so happy for them all to be done and excited for what's ahead. 

Below I've put some photos from my last days of school, valedictory dinner and some more recent pics from post exams. Hope you all had a wonderful October and I can't wait to start posting more regularly on here again as well as starting YouTube videos (no promises though)!

Gigi x 

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