How I turn ideas into content


Today I wanted to share the process with you of how I create blog posts - from the initial planning and idea to posting it and sharing on social media.

Step 1: Ideas
If you look through the notes section of my phone, you will find endless lists. Whenever I have ideas/ concepts for photos/ blog content I will write it down so that when I actually go to create, I have lots of ideas I've collected over time. 

Step 2: Planning
On my computer I have a calendar for everything blog related. I find the ideas on my list that stick out and plan when I have time to shoot them. Often that involved messaging my friend Tashi to find a day to go to some cool locations for photos. 

Step 3: Shoot
I'll usually spend 1-2 days shooting several posts, rather than taking a few hours to shoot one. If I'm shooting outfits, I always plan them out beforehand, and sometimes the locations. 

Step 4: Edit
After I import all the photos (usually over 500), I'll sort them into photos for blog posts, photos for Instagram and then ones I don't want. I'll then cut down the photos I like so that there aren't too many per post. I first edit my photos in photoshop - adjust brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, curves, hue, colour balance etc until I'm happy with them. 

Step 5: Planning my Instagram
Using dropbox, I transfer photos from my computer to my phone. After they are uploaded to the app UNUM, I plan my feed until I'm happy with it.

Step 6: Sharing the blog post 
Step 6: I'll then upload them to Instagram, usually when the corresponding blog post is up. I also post on snapchat to let people know about the new post. I've always found it best to focus one fewer social media platforms because then I can put more time into each one.


I hope you found this post helpful - if you run your own blog/ planning on starting one or interesting if you just wanted a peak into the world of blogging.

Have a great night! 
Speak tomorrow,
G x

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Apologies that today's post is a little late, I rushed home from work, tidied my room and then headed straight out again to a friend's place. Work was actually quite fun today - met some interesting people... Multiple guys asked me to check the underwear size (that they were wearing)?!?!?! My friend also came to visit and she chatted to me while I did the clothing returns. For my lunch break, I went to my favourite udon restaurant (under $4 for a bowl of udon)!! 

The upcoming week is a busy one, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to 2 musicals, Christmas markets, a midnight movie premier and seeing another movie with some friends. I'm also having a Christmukkah party (Christmas and Hanukkah) with my family. 

Also going to have to squeeze in time to shoot some more blog posts for BLOGMAS! 

Speak tomorrow!
G x

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University Expectations vs Reality

This year, I finished my first year of uni and there were many expectations I had going in, that have definitely changed since. So far, I've been quite liking my course (chemical engineering) and I'm planning to finish it, however I haven't yet decided if that's what field I want to work in.

If you're currently at uni, I'd love to know which ones of these 'expectations vs reality' statements that you can relate to, and if you haven't/ aren't planning on going to university, let me know any assumptions you have about uni life! 

Hope you've been enjoying BLOGMAS so far - I'd love any suggestions you have for posts that you want to see and I'll do my best to make them happen!

♥ Gigi


Expectation: You will study a lot and work hard because you are studying something that you chose, therefore you must enjoy it.




Expectation: You will be an active member of clubs and societies

Reality: Like me, you'll sign up to lots of clubs and societies but it won't be until a week in that you've made the biggest mistake of your life. Non-stop emails from the Disney society will make you wonder what freebie was worth 10 emails per day.



Expectation: Your outfits will be on point and you will be runway ready everyday.




Expectation: I will attend every one of my lectures - even the 9am ones.


Expectation: I'll have time to work a lot, therefore will save up lots of money

Reality: account total: $4.50

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Festive Fashion

Today was a productive day! Trained at the gym with a friend, sorted out taxes and super (fun fun), had lunch with my dad and grandpa, did some blogging and I'm heading off to work in an hour. I don't have too much on this weekend, which I'm looking forward to, as it'll give me a chance to shoot some new blog posts. 

These photos are some of the ones I mentioned that Tashi and I took in the city. We had lots of fun finding all of the Christmas trees and decorations to photograph. The red bodysuit in the pictures below has been one of my favourite pieces this season and I was glad for any excuse to wear it. 

Hope you've been enjoying BLOGMAS so far!
See you back here tomorrow.
♥ Gigi


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How to stay fit during the festive period

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that way too much of December is spent eating. This year I've decided to spend more time exercising, exploring and adventuring, rather than sitting around eating chocolate and gingerbread (although a little bit of this is still necessary).

Recently I joined a gym, signed up to a netball team and started messaging family members, asking if they wanted to go for a walk. I've also been going rock climbing every so often and running with friends.

It's taken me years to get to the point where I genuinely love exercising and so I wanted to share my tips with you about how I have been staying fit/ my tips for the upcoming festive season.

Keep moving
Try to increase the amount of incidental exercise you do. By this I mean, always take the stairs, if your friend wants someone to walk somewhere with them - then go, and spend any work breaks walking (rather than sitting on your phone).

Disregard the 'all or nothing' mindset
This one is particularly relevant for me. I go through periods where I exercise 5 times per week (i.e. me currently) and then shortly after just stop altogether. It is important to find balance and know that it's okay if you mess up and have a week off. Just get back into it the following week! 

Be creative with your workouts
Mix up your workouts to keep them interesting. Go for a free trial at your local gym and attend a new class. Go for a walk in a new area. Try an online workout. 

Drink more water
Instead of reaching for sugary foods or going for second portions, drink a glass of water. Often you feel hungry because you haven't digested your food yet, or because you're bored. 

Phone a friend
I've started going to the gym/ running with a friend because that way we can keep each other accountable. Even if I'm not in the mood to exercise, I still go because otherwise I feel as though I'm letting her down. If you can find anyone - whether that's a partner, friend or sibling to exercise with you, I definitely recommend it!

Schedule workouts
On a Sunday night, I sit down and plan the coming week - including scheduling in when I'll be exercising (and what I'll be doing). That way, I've always got time for it and don't just exercise when I 'feel' like it. 

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Think Pink

Day 6 already! Can't believe December is flying by so quickly. Yesterday was a really fun day - went into the city with Tashi and we shot 5 different outfits. The first shoot was a very festive one with Christmas trees and lights that we found around the city. The problem was that we arrived at peak hour so had to awkwardly take photos in the middle of the footpath, with hundreds of people walking past. Despite many strange looks, I was very happy with how the photos turned out. I'm currently in the process of sorting all 700 of the photos and will get them edited and uploaded very soon! 

The shoot below was one that Tashi and I shot a couple of months ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen some of these photos already! I've been loving the colour pink recently, so I've been trying to incorporate it into my outfits more. 

I've also decided to give skirts a go again. For years I haven't worn them because they just haven't worked with my body shape, but lately I've been giving them a second chance and have been very happy with the ones I've found - including the one below! 

I'm about to head off to my netball game, so enjoy your evening and speak tomorrow!
 ♥ G

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The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Somehow this year, I managed to only start listening to Christmas music in the last week of November. This may not sound like much of an achievement, however last year I was listening in September… I made this playlist years ago, however every year I like to go through and add/ remove songs. So here is my updated 2017 Christmas playlist. Happy listening!

P.S. if you know any Christmas bangers that I've missed please let me know so I can add it!

P.P.S If you haven't listened to Sia's Christmas album you need to stop what you're doing and listen to it! 

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Holiday Bucket List

 I finished Uni exams a month ago now, so have had a lot of free time. When I was in school, a lot of my holidays would be spent lying at home not really doing much, which is why I've decided to make a bucket list of all the things I want to do these holidays. I may do an update post at the end of February with how I've gone with this list!

I'd love to know if you have any goals/ to do's for the holidays.


Read 5 books

Go to the beach once per week

Practice the piano

Redecorate my room

Sort photos and print some

Buy/ fix polaroid camera

Print disposable photos

Go to the gym 4 x per week

Try new recipes

Blog once / week

Make an advent calendar

Look after veggie garden

Practice calligraphy 

Practice quilling 

Water colour painting 

Make Christmas cards

Dye hair

DIY crafts (Pinterest)

Make mixtape for the car

Wash car

Make a piece of jewellery 

Start sewing again




Go rock climbing 



Midnight movie premier 

Have a bonfire

Bike riding


Build a giant sandcastle 

Visit a farm

Make cocktails

Learn to do nail art

Memorise complex song lyrics

Make bath bombs

Make candles

Watch TED talks

Make a succulent garden


Go to farmer's market

Get better at poker

Go overseas
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It was all yellow

Welcome to day 3 of BLOGMAS! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago, saying that I will be posting every day of December up until Christmas. I decided to do this because I haven't spent much time on my blog this year and I'd like to start putting more effort into it again. So watch this space over the next month for lots of exciting new content!

Today I went and met up with my high school best friend as she's going overseas tomorrow morning for two months! We worked out today that that's the longest we haven't seen each other since we first met 6 years ago. It was a lovely day - we bought burgers, then went back to hers and chatted in the garden. By the time this post goes up, I will be at work (fourth night in a row)! I took a few months off working this year and so it's good to be back again (although the midnight shifts are making me quite exhausted). Glad to be having a few days break from work after tonight. 

The photos below I shot with Tashi about 2 months ago. I'm OBSESSED with this yellow raincoat and have been searching for one for years. Sadly, it's Summer, so I can't wear this much at the moment, but looking forward to wearing it lots in Winter next year. 

Hope you've been enjoying the blog posts so far this month!
Speak tomorrow.
G x


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