Friends, Fifties and Fun Parks

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

A few months ago I shared the outtakes from my shoot at Luna Park, which you can see here. Recently I realised that I didn't get around to showing you my favourite photos from the day. I decided to jazz them up a bit with some funky doodles and borders to make them a little more fun. 

In other news, I have finished semester 1 of uni for the year and have been having a blast with friends - bushwalking, board gaming and skiing (you can see photos on my Instagram). Tomorrow I'm heading overseas on my first trip by myself (arghhhh) which I'm super nervous about but I'm sure will be great. I will be posting pictures on Instagram while I'm there and will do a blog post once I get back all about the trip! 

Hope you have a lovely week!
Gigi x



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Friends, Fifties and Fun Parks | Outtakes

Hello and welcome back to my blog (it's been a while)! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know my friends, Kat and Tashi went to Luna Park recently with me. We spent hours picking outfits/ doing hair and make-up etc. and it ended up being the most fun I've ever had doing a blog shoot. At the park, we got mistaken as staff and got asked about rides and to take photos with kids. 

I've decided to share the outtakes from the shoot with you (before the actual shots) because they're a bit of fun and different to what I usually share on here. It includes giggles, trying to eat fairy floss gracefully (we haven't mastered this yet), awkward hands,  and dancing in the middle of the park.

Watch this space for the rest of the photos soon!

Much love,



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Travel Diary: Hawaii

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I recently spent a week in Hawaii to celebrate my grandma's birthday. It was an adventure-packed week filled 
with snorkelling, surfing, hiking, Hawaiian dancing, farm visits and an escape room. 
We spent most of the holiday in Maui, which is a short plane trip from Honolulu. Hope you enjoy these pictures I captured of the week!

Off on an exciting new adventure tomorrow... Head over to Instagram to find out where! 
G x

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Travel Diary: Port Stephens

Last month, some friends and I headed up north for a week by the beach. We played board games for hours, swam to an island, hiked up a mountain, read in hammocks and walked along the beach past 3am. It was such a fun week and a nice post-exams break. It's crazy to think I met all of these people this year at uni! 

If any of you are ever planning a trip in NSW, I definitely recommend Port Stephens. For when you go, I've compiled a list of all of my favourite things to do up there:

+ Hike up Mount Tomaree
+ Walk along the fire trail to Fingal Bay
+ Fish and Chips at Nelson Bay
+ Snorkelling at Shoal Bay
+ Paddle Boarding
+ Sand Boarding at Stockton sand dunes 
+ Watching the dolphins at Shoal Bay
+ Markets at Nelson Bay 
(you'll have to check when they are on before you go)
+ Walking along the spit from Fingal Bay 
(need to check tides)
+ sunset dinner on the beach
parasailing (from Nelson Bay) 


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