How to: Survive Hot Summer Nights

We've all experienced those hot Summer nights tossing and turning in bed, sweat in places you didn't know were possible and sticky air. Today I'm here to bring you some tips and tricks to surviving so that you don't miss out on important Zzzz. 

get low + heat rises so set up a mattress on the floor or head down to the bottom level of your house (if possible).

hydrate drinking cool water throughout the water brings down your body temperature and also reduces the chances of headaches/ heat stroke.

choose cotton light coloured cotton is the way to go. It is breathable and encourages airflow.

cold feet there are many pulse points around feet/ ankles so by dunking your feet into cold water or holding them on an ice pack can help lower your overall body temperature.

wet towel + many pulse points are also on your neck, so opt for a cold wet towel.

curtains closed during the day, keep your curtains closed to stop heat from coming into your room.

frozen sheets a few hours before bed, stick your sheets in the freezer. The body temperature lowers when we sleep, so hot weather can make it harder to get to sleep.

lukewarm shower having an icy cold shower can cause your body to respond by heating up afterwards. A cool shower will slowly lower your body temperature.

window breeze hang a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool the air coming in.


Let me know your top tips to keeping cool on those hot Summer nights! 


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  1. Great tips there!! I think I will be using a lot of them this summer!


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