Market day, movie & OOTD

Early mornings, sunshine, good food, live music and Polaroids - what more can you want on a Saturday? My friend and I decided to head off early Saturday morning to visit Paddington markets and EQ village markets. 

It was so lovely to meet lots of local producers and chat to them about their products 
(+ try tea, muesli, fruit and other samples, just quietly...) 

Afterwards, we watched Insurgent in 3D which I really enjoyed!

I definitely recommend heading to your local markets with a friend - you could even make a day of it! 

Hope you enjoy the photos I captured.

Also, only one more week of school before holidays weeeeoooow! I know some of you are already on holidays but we're a bit behind in NSW you see ;)

Much love, G

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Updates + Catch up

Hello people of the internet. It's been almost a month since my last blog post - I think I'm almost setting a record! You know when life gets super hectic and there isn't a spare minute + you have a lack of motivation? Yeah, that's what happened. My afternoons/ weekends have consisted of my Spotify playlists playing on loop, lots of cooking, studying, homework, piano practice, walks and some Instagram edits. I'm super-duper excited for a couple of weeks away when I will have finished all exams/ music performances for the term whoooooo! I have started thinking of some ideas for blog posts + YouTube videos to make post-exams, eeee so excited. Also, I will be announcing an upcoming giveaway, telling you about a secret year-long project I've been working on with Harri from Vanilla Craft Blog, releasing a video featuring YouTubers, bloggers, Instagramers etc. 
Enjoy the next couple of weeks and speak soon.

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