9 Ways to Share your Blogposts

So you've just created a killer blog post but no one is reading it which can be incredibly frustrating as you've put a lot of time and effort into it. But fear not, there are many ways to drive traffic to your blog and today I'm going to share these with you.

9 ways to share your blogposts
  • Post a picture on Instagram with a caption letting people know that a new blog post is up (and maybe tell them what it's about)
  • Let people on snapchat stories know a post is up, with a picture or boomerang 
  • Pin images from your post on Pinterest 
  • Let people on snapchat know with a preview picture of the blog post thumbnail
  • Tweet about it with a link to your blog
  • Send an email to everyone subscribed to your mailing list about blog posts that have gone up recently
  • Put a picture up on Facebook with a link to the blog post
  • Make sure your google+ page is set to automatically notify people in your circles when you post something new
  • Turn your blog post into a YouTube video by talking through similar topics and linking the video back to your blog

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