A to Z Holiday Favourites

2 years ago I did an A to Z for running a successful blog (you can read that post here) which you all seemed to really like so today I'm back with an A to Z of all of my favourite things about the Christmas holidays! 

Advent calendars!

Baking festive treats

Carols and Christmas songs. I'll have to admit I haven't been as in to Christmas music this year since work has been playing it non-stop since November.

Decorating the Christmas tree and adding Christmas bits and bobs around the house

Eating a lot of delicious food

Finding a parking spot at the shopping centre during December 

Giving presents to family and friends

Holiday from work/ school/ uni

Invites to Christmas parties/ dinners

Jokes inside Christmas crackers - yes they are terrible, but the eye rolling and groans at awful jokes is all part of the Christmas lunch experience 

Kris kringle - I've done this for years with my high school friends (and we even all met up to do it this year, even though we've finished school now)

Lights! Although my suburb doesn't do much in the name of Christmas lights, plenty of other areas do and I love walking at night to see all the beautiful light displays!

Movies! So many new movies come out between Boxing Day and New Year and I always like to go and see one with my family.

North Pole Adventures - when I was younger, my parents would take me to level 6 of David Jones (i.e. the North Pole) where I'd visit the talking tree and Santa 

Ornaments for the tree

Poorly constructed gingerbread houses which look nothing like the image on the box - but taste good nonetheless.

Questioning your crazy family when you see them all on Christmas day

Rewatching all of my favourite Christmas movies (you can see my list here)

Shopping after Christmas; Boxing day is a bit too chaotic for me, but I definitely like to hit the shops on the 27th or 28th to get some great deals!

Time with friends and family.

Ugly Christmas sweaters. Unfortunately my collection currently totals at 1 (Australia isn't so good at the Christmas jumpers) but one day my collection will grow!

Vlogmas! So much content from my favourite YouTubers.

Watching movies in front of the fire (okay maybe not in front of the fire, it's way too hot in Australian Summer for that)

Xtra late night on Christmas Eve (to try and see Santa of course)

Yawning on Christmas Day because you're tired but it doesn't matter because it's Christmas!!

Zero regrets at staying up late (haha I was struggling what to say for Y and Z... Let me know if you can think of anything better)


  1. I love all these! I always sales shop 26 and 27th....birthday shopping!! And I have a collection of Christmas tshirts, not sweaters, more appropriate to Sydney weather! You could get an Aussie ugly Christmas swim rash shirt!!

    1. Haha Christmas t-shirt definitely more appropriate for Australia! :-)


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