How I turn ideas into content


Today I wanted to share the process with you of how I create blog posts - from the initial planning and idea to posting it and sharing on social media.

Step 1: Ideas
If you look through the notes section of my phone, you will find endless lists. Whenever I have ideas/ concepts for photos/ blog content I will write it down so that when I actually go to create, I have lots of ideas I've collected over time. 

Step 2: Planning
On my computer I have a calendar for everything blog related. I find the ideas on my list that stick out and plan when I have time to shoot them. Often that involved messaging my friend Tashi to find a day to go to some cool locations for photos. 

Step 3: Shoot
I'll usually spend 1-2 days shooting several posts, rather than taking a few hours to shoot one. If I'm shooting outfits, I always plan them out beforehand, and sometimes the locations. 

Step 4: Edit
After I import all the photos (usually over 500), I'll sort them into photos for blog posts, photos for Instagram and then ones I don't want. I'll then cut down the photos I like so that there aren't too many per post. I first edit my photos in photoshop - adjust brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, curves, hue, colour balance etc until I'm happy with them. 

Step 5: Planning my Instagram
Using dropbox, I transfer photos from my computer to my phone. After they are uploaded to the app UNUM, I plan my feed until I'm happy with it.

Step 6: Sharing the blog post 
Step 6: I'll then upload them to Instagram, usually when the corresponding blog post is up. I also post on snapchat to let people know about the new post. I've always found it best to focus one fewer social media platforms because then I can put more time into each one.


I hope you found this post helpful - if you run your own blog/ planning on starting one or interesting if you just wanted a peak into the world of blogging.

Have a great night! 
Speak tomorrow,
G x



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