Apologies that today's post is a little late, I rushed home from work, tidied my room and then headed straight out again to a friend's place. Work was actually quite fun today - met some interesting people... Multiple guys asked me to check the underwear size (that they were wearing)?!?!?! My friend also came to visit and she chatted to me while I did the clothing returns. For my lunch break, I went to my favourite udon restaurant (under $4 for a bowl of udon)!! 

The upcoming week is a busy one, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to 2 musicals, Christmas markets, a midnight movie premier and seeing another movie with some friends. I'm also having a Christmukkah party (Christmas and Hanukkah) with my family. 

Also going to have to squeeze in time to shoot some more blog posts for BLOGMAS! 

Speak tomorrow!
G x


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