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Mixtape + Winter Chills

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Back into the swing of school, tests and assignments coming up next week and an enormous stack of homework that I'm gradually getting through. If you didn't already know, Sydney has had storms all week with a heap of rain. Been spending every afternoon in pyjamas, wooly socks, sipping from a large mug of tea and listening to my 'Winter Chills' playlist (which is below if you'd like to have a listen). 
Hope you are all safe and warm!

Much love
xo G

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How Well Do We Know Each Other?

Zoe and I decided to see how well we know each other with questions and a whole lot of cream..

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On Wednesdays We Wear Stripes


How have you all been? 

In case you haven't been following me on Instagram, I have just arrived back from my road trip to Melbourne. It was so much fun driving through the countryside, visiting quirky stores, cute cafes and meeting up with bloggers - Brooke, Dom and Mia
I filmed a lot of my trip so a VLOG will be up on my YouTube channel soon.

Before we met up with Dom and Mia, Brooke and I took some rooftop photos. It was so much fun chatting in the sunshine, while trying to balance the camera on parked cars :') In the end, I was really happy with how the photos turned out. 

Have a lovely week!
xo G

If you'd like to see more photos, click here to see Brooke's blog post.
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Instagram Diary

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farmers markets cafe on the road to Melbourne street art in Eden  taking snaps along the highway lunch in country town view from QT Gold Coast nana smoothie appreciating the fresh air and scenery retro bikes and pineapples polaroids at the farmer's markets photoshoot in the Gold Coast relaxing in an egg chair in the countryside  breakfast in Eden dutch pancakes at the markets mm I'm lovin it more from the Gold Coast   cheese tasting cottages found a swing just off the highway ♥  flowers in jars ♥  AIWL shoot Sublime Point lookout cheese tasting cottage copper lights painting rainbows in quirky circus dress market vibes

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What To Do When Procrastination Hits

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    So I'm sure we've all spent afternoons, when we really should be doing other things, scrolling through Instagram, watching YouTube videos, chatting to friends on Facebook and taking regular visits to the fridge. Now if you are doing these sort of things, it doesn't necessarily mean you're lazy. Generally it's because of a fear of failure, anxiety or negative perfectionism. A few weeks ago I did a post, which you can view here, with advice for organising yourself and balancing schoolwork with other activities.

    However, sometimes you just can't do what you need to get done whether it's that 500 word English reflection or Maths chapter. But this doesn't mean you can't do something useful - I like to call this productive procrastination. That way you are doing something productive, lifting your mood and helping yourself to refocus and get motivated.

    Here are my top 10 things I like to do when procrastination hits.

#1 Tidy your room
    I generally feel motivated to do some work after I do this as I believe a clear work space = a clear mind. It helps me to focus and feel organised.

#2 Exercise
    There are soooo many studies that show the benefits of exercise and how it helps you to feel happier as well as concentrate. Click here for some ideas of different forms of exercise you can do. Remember that you don't need to go and do 1 hour of cardio, even a walk around the block (you could even take your dog if you have one) can help to clear your mind.

#3 Have a relaxing bath
    There's nothing better than a candle-lit bubble bath. Put your phone in another room and just allow yourself to submerge in a cloud of bubbles.

#4 Cook a healthy meal
    It's okay if you aren't the best chef, just make yourself something easy but still delicious. I love to make toasted wraps with hummus, salad with an assortment of things from the fridge or even a smoothie.

#5 Write a timetable
    This way you aren't overwhelmed by everything that you have to do. I don't know if this is just me, but if I have heaps of things to do, I will usually find it difficult to start but relatively easy to keep going once I have started. The way I usually structure my timetable is by starting with one of the easier pieces of homework to ease into it and then get into the harder things after that. Also, make sure that your timetable is achievable - there is no use writing an amazing timetable that you know you won't follow.

#6 Read a book
    This is great if you want to forget about everything for a little while and temporarily escape any problems that are bothering you.

#7 Write a list
    It can be everything you are thankful for or even everything good from your day. This helps to put you in a positive frame of mind when you go to start the tasks you need to complete.

#8 Create an inspiration board
    Cut up pictures, photographs, quotes - whatever inspires you and makes you happy. Stick them on your wall to motivate you when you go to complete whatever tasks you want to complete, whether it's exercise or homework.

#9 Have a power nap
    If you're feeling super exhausted, a 30 minute power nap can help you spend the rest of your day more time effectively and put in 100%.

#10 Ask a parent, sibling or friend
    Tell them what you want to get done and ask them to keep your phone (or anything that's distracting you) until you have completed a certain amount of things on your timetable.

    #11 Meet your best friend, Spotify
    What would life be without it? Probably very boring. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's an app that you can download on your phone and/ or computer and you can make playlists follow other friends and listen to their music. I don't know if you find this too, but music just puts me in a good mood!

    I'd love to know if you have any of your own tips or if you already use any of these?

    Much Love, G
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Travel Diary | Gold Coast

I'm baaaackk!

 I was looking forward to posting heaps in QLD but unfortunately there was no wifi :'(
It was actually nice to have a break from social media, but I'm back now with heaps of posts lined up for the next couple of weeks!

What have you been up to lately?
Let me know in ze comments.

Enjoy the travel (photo) diary

xo G

view from Hotel room

love the vibrant colours of the bicycle and pineapple

wearing dress from 'her fashion box' ft. pineapple which I did not just buy for this shoot ;)

beachy vibes

trying not to look too awkward as I pose with a pineapple on my head, while hotel guests stare at me..

sunsets on the Gold Coast


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