Sucker for Socks

Happy to be back with another post that Tashi and I shot in the Mountains. These photos were quite entertaining to take - from sitting on toilets, putting my feet in the oven (while it was off obviously..) and bathing in fruit loops. If you don't know already, I have a bit of a sock obsession. There's something just so fun about crazy socks - just so you know, I'm wearing ones with seagulls and chips now, while I'm writing this post.

These photos are a bit different to what I usually post on here but I kinda love them - please let me know what you think! I love the glass coke bottle, lollipop and candy apple -  although I dropped the candy apple in the bath accidentally which was kinda sad...

Not much is happening in my life atm - today was the last day of holidays and I got back a few hours ago from another spontaneous trip to the Mountains. Tonight will be spent unpacking and then just getting ready for uni. Really looking forward to semester 2 because I feel like I have a better idea of what's going on now + I'm only at uni 2 days a week!! #keen

Anyway, I will speak to you again soon.

P.S. I've edited a vlog of my first trip to the Mountains and not sure whether to post - let me know what you think!

G x

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Orange Picking Shenanigans

Another month has passed since my last post. The reason it's been a while is because I had exams for a few weeks and then was working during the first week of uni holidays. Last Monday, my friend Tashi and I headed to the Mountains for a few days which was so much fun and gave me the opportunity to finally shoot lots of new content (which I'm very excited to show you) - including the post below. 

Since I can remember, I've wanted to go pick my own fruit, but for some reason I just never got around to it. On the drive up to the Mountains, Tashi and I managed to find an orange orchard where it was only $15 to pick a hugeee bag! However, when we first got to where we thought we were meant to be, it turned out to be someone's house...

Another half hour drive to the actual place was well worth it. We pranced around, taking lots of photos, chatting and actually picking the oranges. We left the picking right to the end (when unfortunately it started to rain) so we got a bit wet, but had a good laugh nonetheless. 

Hope you have all had a lovely month and I'll speak to you again soon... 
(hopefully in less than a month!)

Much love,
G x

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