How to stay fit during the festive period

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that way too much of December is spent eating. This year I've decided to spend more time exercising, exploring and adventuring, rather than sitting around eating chocolate and gingerbread (although a little bit of this is still necessary).

Recently I joined a gym, signed up to a netball team and started messaging family members, asking if they wanted to go for a walk. I've also been going rock climbing every so often and running with friends.

It's taken me years to get to the point where I genuinely love exercising and so I wanted to share my tips with you about how I have been staying fit/ my tips for the upcoming festive season.

Keep moving
Try to increase the amount of incidental exercise you do. By this I mean, always take the stairs, if your friend wants someone to walk somewhere with them - then go, and spend any work breaks walking (rather than sitting on your phone).

Disregard the 'all or nothing' mindset
This one is particularly relevant for me. I go through periods where I exercise 5 times per week (i.e. me currently) and then shortly after just stop altogether. It is important to find balance and know that it's okay if you mess up and have a week off. Just get back into it the following week! 

Be creative with your workouts
Mix up your workouts to keep them interesting. Go for a free trial at your local gym and attend a new class. Go for a walk in a new area. Try an online workout. 

Drink more water
Instead of reaching for sugary foods or going for second portions, drink a glass of water. Often you feel hungry because you haven't digested your food yet, or because you're bored. 

Phone a friend
I've started going to the gym/ running with a friend because that way we can keep each other accountable. Even if I'm not in the mood to exercise, I still go because otherwise I feel as though I'm letting her down. If you can find anyone - whether that's a partner, friend or sibling to exercise with you, I definitely recommend it!

Schedule workouts
On a Sunday night, I sit down and plan the coming week - including scheduling in when I'll be exercising (and what I'll be doing). That way, I've always got time for it and don't just exercise when I 'feel' like it. 



  1. I love all these suggestions! Especially trialling a new gym ;)

    1. Thanks Leonie :) Definitely keen to come again soon!


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