Golden Part 2

Golden part 2 is here (you can see part 1 here if you missed it) - I'm so excited to be showing you the rest of the photos from Tashi and my shoot at Luna Park. 

Funny story about the last two photos - there was no one at the clowns when we wanted to take these photos so the lady working there stood there staring at me while I smiled at the wall and then walked away without actually having a go at winning a prize... Haha well at least the photos turned out pretty well!

First day back at school today and it actually went surprisingly well - apart from finding out that there was a 3 hour physics paper that I forgot to do in the holidays... (whoops)

Hope you all have a great week,
Gigi x 

P.S. I asked you guys on snapchat and a lot of you were keen for me to do another blog post about my bullet journal so that will be coming very soon!



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