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If you have been following me for a while now, you may remember that last year I went on two big road trips (you can view the blog post here). Road trips are such a fun way to spend time with friends/ family, explore an area without spending a lot of money and if you are learning to drive, a great way to get lots of driving hours!

I recently heard about this car-sharing company called Turo which is a great option for seeing a city in the U.S. that you'd like to explore, without blowing a budget (great option if you're travelling after school)! And if you forget your music, most people will leave their music behind for the next renter.

To me, a solid road trip playlist is a must which is why I thought I'd share my favourite car jams for you to all listen to (maybe on your next road trip)!

I had some trouble embedding the playlist so if it doesn't work, you can view the playlist here.

Hope you have a wonderful week!
G x

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