6 tips for collaborating with brands

One of the many fun things about blogging is that you get to collaborate with different brands. Over the past two years I have worked with many companies and have learnt a lot, which I will share with you today!

milky way blogger's tips on collaborating with companies
  • Firstly, write an email to the company you are interested in collaborating with (I use the following format).
 1. Introduction of yourself, your blog and what your blog is about (only a couple of sentences)
2. Discuss why you love their products (do research before emailing the company and demonstrate that you care in your email - e.g. commenting about the fact that the company is eco-friendly or cruelty free)
3. Mention that you are interested in a collaboration and tell them any ideas you have thought of
4.  Ask them what they think about the collaboration and if they have any other ideas
5. Sign off with your name and include links to your blog/ YouTube/ social media  

  • Always thank companies for responding to your emails (even if they don't wish to collaborate)
  • Don't be afraid to write back to the company with feedback about their product/ packaging after you have tried it out etc.
  • Stay on top of deadlines; when deciding on a date for the photos/ post to be released (not all brands do this), suggest a date a bit after you plan to have the photos ready, just in case something doesn't go to plan.
  • Only collaborate with brands that sell products that you believe your viewers would be interested in and that you love.
  • Let the brand know when you have posted about them with links to the images/ blog posts so that they don't need to chase you up!

What was the most useful tip for you in this post? 

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