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Can you believe it's February - we are already 1/12 through the year ;)
How are we all going with our New Year's Resolutions (or goals)? I have been pretty slack with a few of them..

I'm going to take a wild guess that one of your goals for 2015 was to be healthier in either what you eat, how you exercise, doing regular stretching or all three (like me)! 

Brooke and I had the idea to do a post all about healthy meal ideas, smoothie recipes, exercise ideas and stretching/ yoga routines to help you get back on track with your goals and find the motivation to keep it up!

You can find Brooke on:

+ Instagram: @broookereid

Why exercise?

We are told over and over again to exercise cause it's 'good for you' but what exactly does that mean? 
Here are some of the benefits of exercising:

 + improves health

+ reduces risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular

+ improves quality of life

+ reduces stress, anxiety and depression

+ improves memory

+ improves sleeping patterns

+ boosts mood

+ improves coordination

+ improves complextion

+ detoxifies body

+ boosts immune system

+ greater self confidence

+ feel strong, capable and energised

+ less likely to catch a cold

+ anti-aging effects

+ good for mind and soul

I could go on but I think you get the point. So if you were struggling to find a reason to go and exercise - there you go :) 

Remember that you don't need a new year, new week or new sunrise to start going after your goals - start now! If your goal is to be more organised, write a planner, if it is to exercise, do some burpies now. It doesn't matter what your goal is, just go for it. Make the most of every day and don't wait until 'tomorrow' to start living your life.

Types of exercise
I used to be one of those people who hated exercise full stop.
This was because I thought exercise meant running - which I'm beginning to enjoy a bit more. I decided to try out some new forms of exercise and realised that if I find physical activity that I enjoy, I am more likely to maintain it. 
Here are my top 5 types of exercise:

1. Pilates 
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Cassey and her youtube channel known as Pop Pilates? For the past few months I have been doing her videos, following some of the calendar and challenges from her website. This is a great way to do exercise (and it's what got me to start enjoying exercise) as you can do it in your room, whenever suits you! I definitely recommend you attempt some of her videos - in fact I'm challenging you right now to do this super quick video - no need to thank me ;)

2. Team sport
If you feel unmotivated to keep exercise up, this is a great way to make sure you commit to a sport.It's also a nice time to meet new people!

3. Cycling
For a long time, I've been using a stationary bike, however a week ago I started bike riding again and really enjoyed it, so I might give that another go.

4. Stair runs
Near our house, we have some super long steps in a park which I will sometimes go and do before breakfast on a Saturday morning. It makes me feel super energised for the weekend ahead.

5. Jogging
I used to dislike running because I was  super unfit! Every time I'd go for a run I'd feel sick and so I never motivated to keep it up. I still can't run for a long amount of time, but through doing small amounts and building up, I am enjoying it more than I used to.

Staying hydrated

Superfood Smoothies from Williams-Sonoma

Several months ago, if I was asked how much I drink in a day, I would say '3 glasses of water a week...' Did you know that you should be drinking 8 a day?! At the moment I am aiming for 5 and that works well for me, and is a large improvement from a few months ago! A good method of drinking more water is infusing it as it tastes better. Play around with combos - my favourites are: 
cucumber & mint

I also have another little trick I use to make water more interesting 
(coming soon to MWB.. possibly a video)

HIIT Playlist
Bang Bang + Jessie J
Uptown Funk + Mark Ronson
Outside + Calvin Harris
It's time + Imagine Dragons
I love it + Icona Pop
Wasabi + Lee Harding  
Can't hold us + Macklemore
Geronimo + Sheppard
Timber + Pitbull
Maria + Green Day
Meal ideas
It's time to put away that slice of pizza and can of soft drink and start filling your body with fresh, healthy and nourshing foods!

Hehe these were a lot of fun to put together!
Here are some more ideas of actual meals I've had in the past few weeks:

 Fruit salad + Harley Quinn & Co print (prize for the upcoming giveaway)

 Fruit platter made using seasonal fruit
Salad Ni├žoise made from lettuce, tomato, tuna, egg, capsicum, 
carrot, cucumber & mustard lemon dressing

I hope you enjoyed this post - it was a lot of fun to put together!

If you would like a part 2 - comment below or on instagram and it can be arranged :)

Click here to view the other half of this collab on Brooke's blog!

xo G

P.S. Remember to enter my mega giveaway! So many exciting prizes to be won!
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  1. Great job! I love your fast food fruit! Just thought I'd tell you...you don't actually need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. You should really only be drinking when you're thirsty (and making sure you're drinking water when you're thirsty, not anything else). It's great to drink more water, but don't over do it, it's possible to over hydrate!

  2. Oh this is so cute! I love your blog.
    Your ideas and tips on minting a healthy lifestyle is great. I'll be sure to keep them in mind.
    Also! Love your fruit art. It is adorable. :)

    Love, M.


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