DIY Confetti Bows | BLOGMAS Day 7

It wasn't until yesterday that I discovered that my last DIY blog post was in February - so of course I went and shot several crafty posts. These sequin bows are the perfect topper for a Christmas present and add an element of fun to it

You will need:
❄ Clear flat polybags – I used 3 inch x 5 inch
❄ Sequins
❄ Washi tape

Start by filling your polybag with as many or as little sequins as you would like.

Add a strip of washi tape to the closed end of your bag. 

Seal the open end with another folded over strip of washi tape.

To turn it into a bow, hold the centre and shake the confetti towards the two ends. You want there to be about the same amount of sequins on each side. Pinch the centre of the bag and wrap a strip of washi tape around the centre of the bow. 

Using double sided tape or blue tack, stick on top of your wrapped presents OR add string and hang to your Christmas tree as an ornament. 

If you do make these, I'd love to see! Tag me on Instagram @milkywayblog. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

G x

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