Movie Night


iPhone case* from Macgear

Cookie earrings* from The Faidrin Bear

It's been pretty rainy in Sydney lately (even though it's currently Spring) so my go to activity has been grabbing some popcorn + naked truth chocolate + a good movie + some friends! During the school term I don't watch many movies as I get pretty busy, so it's been really nice to just relax with friends and enjoy a good film. If you're broke like me (because you spent all of your money on food and clothes) then no need to go to the cinema, just borrow a movie from your local library and you're set!

Less than a week until I begin my final year of school but trying not to think about that...

Enjoy the last week of holidays!
Also I'd love to know what your all time favourite film is?


  1. My favourite film definitely is pitch perfect 1 & 2 :D Love their music :D

    1. Love pitch perfect & the soundtrack is so so good! xx


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