Petroleum & Pies

Hello people of the internet, how are you today? What have you been up to?
I went shooting with Tashi the other day and when I started editing the photos, I realised I haven't even posted all of the photos from last time we shot! These photos were taken on our road trip in July at the local shops. I'm slowly incorporating more and more pink into my wardrobe - like this top that I actually borrowed i.e. took from my mum's cupboard.

Nothing super exciting has happened recently. I lost my job at the cafe which was a shame because I really enjoyed it, but I've been offered one at a shop that I LOVE so fingers crossed that all works out! Last weekend, I went with my dad to Bunnings and bought a whole trolley of fruit/ veggies/ herbs to start a garden. I've been looking after that every day which I've really been enjoying. Oh, I redecorated my room to be Halloween themed and I'm lovinggg it! I'll try to remember to snap some photos of it for my blog, before they all get replaced with Christmas decor! 

Hope you have been well and enjoying September!
Speak soon.
Gigi xx


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