Today was a Fairytale

Starting this post off with some Tay Swift lyrics because I'm listening to her old songs on Spotify as I write this post and I just love them so much! This week has been a good one - I turned 19 on Monday (last year of being a teen whaaaat?!?!) and had such a great day with my friends and family. The rest of the week has been spent either at uni/ work, apart from today when I went for a long walk which was so lovely. Looking forward to dinner tonight as I'm catching up with my cousins from Belgium, whom I haven't seen in almost 10 years!! 

These photos are by my favourite photographer (and friend) Tashi! We took these in the Blue Mountains and had fun playing around with different props and backgrounds. It was quite windy the day we took these, so the photos using bubbles turned out to be a bit of a fail... Very happy with how the rest turned out though!

Hope you enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend. 
I'll be working the whole time but I think I'll try and get out for some early morning walks because I just feel so much better starting the day like that. 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog - speak soon!

Gem x


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