You Don't Need a Reason to Help People

If I asked you where you would’ve liked to be born in, you may be thinking – France, 
Italy, Hawaii. But why is it that none of us would say East Timor, Bangladesh or Uganda? 
The truth of the matter is that the country we are born in plays a vital role in how our life 
will turn out.

Take for instance a new born baby in Australia. Before even their first cry they are 
guaranteed an education, freedom of speech, religious expression, countless 
opportunities and the ability to elect their government. They will live for around 82 years 
and will spend approximately $30 000 on shoes.

But in Swaziland, a small country in Africa, a new born baby has a very different life set 
out before them. They will live for approximately 48 ½ years, but that’s only if they 
make to the age of 5 – 80% don’t. They have a 1 in 3 chance of having stunted growth, 
and will live in a country with the highest Each of these babies have neither earnt nor 
chosen the country they are born into, yet it is this country that defines their future – 
their life expectancy, their health and their freedom. We can see clearly from these 
two countries – Australia and Swaziland – that although they’re only a 13 hour plane ride 
away, they seem worlds apart. And that is because huge inequalities exist in our world.

Although we have enough resources to support two times the world's population, 4.8 
billion people live on less than $3 a day. However, what we often forget is that behind 
this staggering statistic are real people.

Imagine you are 9.

You are Sophia.

One day when you were little

You woke to find your mum and dad were gone

They left in the middle of the night

You and your brothers cried for days

Your grandmother tells you that no matter how hard your parents try

They could never make enough money or grow enough food.

Leaving the village to work in the city was their only choice.

Every day is still a struggle

Because you’re hungry.

Sometimes you all share one meal a day.

The school has asked for your exam fees again.

If the 30 taka is not paid soon

You will have to repeat the whole year.

30 taka… that’s 49 cents

School or food… Your family faces choices that no one else has to make.

Sometimes your grandmother chooses not to eat at all.

When your brothers are hungry, they cry all day.

If only there was a way for your parents to grow food and make a living here

Then they could come home and you could be a family again.

You are nine. You are Sofia.

Sofia’s story is one that we can change. By you participating in the 40 hour famine, and 
raising just $10, you are improving the nutrition of 10 children under the age of 2.

If you raise $20, you are feeding two people for a month. And $50, well it can train 50 
people to start their own small business. 

For this 40hf it’s all about you taking a stand against hunger. It’s about each and every 
one of us giving up so others don’t have to go without. Whether it be your phone, your 
bed or food – each of us has the power to use 40 hours of our time to save a life.


You can quite easily close this post and not think twice about poverty, but Sofia doesn’t 
have that luxury. So I invite you to be a part of the 40 hour famine movement – to use 
this unbelievable opportunity to take a stand and make a real difference in the fight 
against hunger.



  1. Well done GA! Your work in raising both $ and awareness of this important cause is inspiring.


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