"If you aren't happy with what you have now, what makes you think you'll be happier with more?" Gratitude is being happy with what you have, it's about being thankful towards people in your life who have helped you or are always there to support you.

Adding daily gratitude into your routine will shift your energy to become more positive and make you and everyone around you happier. 

We as humans tend to always complain about what we don't have and overlook everything that we do have. Imagine if people were grateful for what they have and found happiness in the little things. We have so much to be grateful for - from the fact that our heart allows us to experience life, our brain which allows us to think, family and friends which love you for being you, a stranger for holding the door open for you or the fact that you have access to clean running water. 

Being grateful is super simple. It could look like:
  • saying thank you to a bus driver
  • giving a friend a hug
  • complimenting a stranger
  • putting someone else before you
  • whenever a negative thought comes into your head, thinking of 3 positive ones. 

Click here to print out your very own gratitude list from the MNB website which you can fill out each day!

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