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Hello people of the internet. It's been almost a month since my last blog post - I think I'm almost setting a record! You know when life gets super hectic and there isn't a spare minute + you have a lack of motivation? Yeah, that's what happened. My afternoons/ weekends have consisted of my Spotify playlists playing on loop, lots of cooking, studying, homework, piano practice, walks and some Instagram edits. I'm super-duper excited for a couple of weeks away when I will have finished all exams/ music performances for the term whoooooo! I have started thinking of some ideas for blog posts + YouTube videos to make post-exams, eeee so excited. Also, I will be announcing an upcoming giveaway, telling you about a secret year-long project I've been working on with Harri from Vanilla Craft Blog, releasing a video featuring YouTubers, bloggers, Instagramers etc. 
Enjoy the next couple of weeks and speak soon.


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