Cactii and Coloured Hair

Another shoot from what feels like forever ago! Tashi and I took these photos in the Botanical Gardens and it was so much fun to wander around, finding hidden bamboo forests, giant cactii and pretty walls. If you're wondering why my hair looks purple in these photos, it's not real - just some editing on Photoshop (although I'm kind of loving it).

It's been a crazy few weeks and the next few will be even more full on (being my last weeks EVER of high school). It's weird how quickly everything is going. I remember starting this blog in year 9 (half way through high school) and now I'm almost at the end. While I'm nervous to be finishing (as I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do next year - currently thinking about engineering), I'm also super excited for what's to come. I've got some exciting travel plans for the end of the year and I'm also looking forward to uni next year.

Hope you've all had a wonderful few weeks!

Until next time,
Gigi x






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