Take me to the sea

Boy am I glad it's finally holidays! It's been a busy term and next term will be even busier with trial exams, formal, turning 18, preparing for the HSC and finishing high school?! Everything is going so quickly so I'm trying to appreciate the moment more and make the most of my last year of school. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do next year - I think I'll go to uni and do a course that isn't too full-on, so that I can work on my blog/ YouTube channel at the same time.

Spent today writing notes on Hamlet for English and then shopping with my grandma. Picked up some lovely new pieces which I can't wait to show you. Planning to do another 2 day shoot with Tashi this weekend so some fresh content is on the way. 

Hope you've been having a lovely week so far!
Much love as always,
Gigi x

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milky way blogger

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