my sunday night rituals

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Sunday is the perfect time to get organised for the week and so there are some Sunday night rituals that I like to get done so that I feel prepared for the week ahead:
  • Finish any last bits of homework
  • Make brekkie for Monday
  • Make lunch for Monday
  • Wash hair 
  • Light a scented candle 
  • Make a cup of herbal tea
  • Listen to a spotify playlist
  • Catch up on any TV episodes I've missed (I've been watching The Voice recently) 
a sunday well spent brings a week of content, milky way blogger source: Pinterest
  • Write up a blog post or edit photos
  • Update my bullet journal
  • Pack schoolbag and sports bag
  • Skin care routine (comment below if you'd like to see a post on this)
  • Read/ listen to an audio book
  • Meditate 

Do you have a Sunday night routine?

Gigi x


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