How to style a midi skirt

3 exams to go weeooowww!
The last few weeks have consisted of spotify playlists on loop, mugs of tea, endless piles of textbooks and cosy knits. For those of you who have exams I hope they went/ are going well.

Today I was scrolling through Pinterest to find some inspiration for today's post and saw so many gorgeous photos of midi skirts. I decided to try styling a black one and pair it with some red lippy, white singlet* and gold necklace from H&M and rings*. The theme for the shoot was 'travel' as holidays are coming up which is super exciting. Comment below if you are going away during the holidays! Oh also I got SNAPCHAT for my blog. To see sneak peaks of posts, life updates and other random pics add me: milkywayblog. 

Much love
x G



  1. These photos are stunning! I love midi skirts, I'm so going to have to try find myself one.

    Ella x

    1. Thanks Ella! I definitely recommend having one as they are perfect for any season.
      xx G

  2. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! :) ♡


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