How To Make Your Monday EXTRA Sparkly


I know,I know,Mondays for most people equals the end of the weekend,the start of school/work week and just general badness.But what if we turn Mondays into one of the best day of the week? 
'What is Georgia on about?'I hear you ask-just stick with me,I promise this is going somewhere!

Mondays are permanent-they will be sticking around for a while..Sooo if we can't change the fact that Mondays occur over 50 times a year, what can we change? Well how about our perspective of it? I know it sounds crazy, but if you change your perspective on something, the results are crazy!

If you decide Monday's are going to be fab well that might just happen-in fact I'm certain that it will be true.For those of you who are still staring at your laptop/computer/phone/iPad/any other electronic device in disbelief,I completely understand how you feel,however if you want another 50 days every year to enjoy,try it out-I mean the worst that happens is nothing,right?
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The other thing I think is important is inspiring others to enjoy their week-starting with Monday.What use is it posting on social media or talking to friends and complaining about Monday-it just puts you and your friends in a bad mood.What if instead you told them about the amazing things you have planned for the next week or asking them about what they have on during the week ahead?Boom,two people are happier after a 1 minute conversation. 


So here are some practical ideas on how to own Mondays and make them super fun(and extra sparkly!)


1.Be productive on your weekend-get stuff done,organise,plan,clean your room,get some fresh air,exercise andmaybe cook yourself a delicious lunch for Monday.

2.Set weekly goals-motivate yourself to aim towards something whether it be school,sport or music related.

3.Hang up your clothes for school on Sunday night so that they are ready to go Monday morning

4.Instead of associating Mondays with negative things,think about it as a fresh start,a day to be productive and another day that you are lucky enough to be alive


5.Have a Spotify playlist with music that makes you happy and motivated

6.Smile at everyone you pass today,whether they are teachers,friends,family or people you pass by on the street-it will make you both happier

7.Go to bed early Sunday night so that you are feeling awake and alive Monday morning

8.Compliment people,make them feel good about themselves.This will also make you happier.

9.Wake up with a smile on your dial(cheesy but true)

10.Speak to 3 new people,ask them about themselves-you might just find that more people come and talk to you every day

11.Spread positive vibes,even if you have to force it at first,eventually you will just feel happy.

Your happiness is ultimately up to you so take back those 50 days and make them be some of the best ones.

Let me know in the comments section what makes you happy!

Have a lovely week
Georgia xx


  1. Thanks for this post. I'll really wanna try that speak to 3 new people thing.


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