Travel Diary | Gold Coast

I'm baaaackk!

 I was looking forward to posting heaps in QLD but unfortunately there was no wifi :'(
It was actually nice to have a break from social media, but I'm back now with heaps of posts lined up for the next couple of weeks!

What have you been up to lately?
Let me know in ze comments.

Enjoy the travel (photo) diary

xo G

view from Hotel room

love the vibrant colours of the bicycle and pineapple

wearing dress from 'her fashion box' ft. pineapple which I did not just buy for this shoot ;)

beachy vibes

trying not to look too awkward as I pose with a pineapple on my head, while hotel guests stare at me..

sunsets on the Gold Coast




  1. Nice pictures. :)
    I'm in Sydney right now and I love, but I'm already going back to Adelaide tomorrow. :/
    xo Vivi

    This is my world!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I'm loving your dress, and those boots are so cute!

    Bridget xx



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