DIY fruit ice cubes



Today I have a long overdue DIY for you (I say this everytime I do a DIY post ;)

These are perfect for a hot Summer's day to add a bit of flavour to your water.

You will need:
+ 2 ice cube trays
+ jug of water
+ selection of chopped up Summer fruits
+ chia seeds (optional)

I hope you enjoy this video - if you make these, please tag
@milkywayblogger #milkywayblog

Oh one other thing, the two gorgeous prints next to the 2015 diary are from 
Senna Jean Designs

You can find them on:
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I definitely recommend you have a look at their variety of prints, cards and calendars - perfect for adding some sparkle to your home. They also have free wallpapers + printables on their blog (can it get any better?!)

xo Georgia

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  1. Hi Georgia,
    Such a beautiful and well put together post! I've been loving your blog for a while now so I nominated you for the Liebster award which you can find on my blog here : http://bohoandbrownies.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/liebster-award-2.html

    Lots of love,
    Olivia xx


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