Christmas Haul + 2015 goals

Happy New Year!

I hope you are having a wonderful 2015 so far.

For my first post of this year, I have a special collab with Ladri.
You can find her on:

We decided to show you all our Chrissie hauls + share some of our goals for 2015.

I haven't written where it is all from, but feel free to ask in the comments.
A lot of these items were also bought on boxing day sales.

2015 Goals
Setting goals is something that you should do not only in the New Year, but all the time - whether it is related to a skill, fitness, academics etc. The New Year is a nice time to think about what you did well in 2014, what didn't work so well and how to improve those for 2015. I have 6 main goals for this year (in no particular order):

1. Become fitter, stronger, more flexible and develop good eating habits

2. Do regular, good quality piano practice

3. Manage afternoons, weekends and spare time well - spend less time procrastinating

4. Get my P's by December 2015

5. Be kinder, happier and spread positive vibes

6. Hit 30 000 views on my blog by December 31st

Have you set goals for the New Year? What are you going to achieve?

Please click here to see Ladri's 2015 goals and Christmas haul!

xx G



  1. Where did you get your framed quotes from? I love them! x


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