I chopped off my hair!

Wow it has been such a busy week, from cutting off my hair in front of the school to being sick with a bad virus to turning 16!

Now I'm sure you are probably wondering why I would cut off my hair in front of the school... So during May I attended World Vision's Global Leadership Convention (GLC) where hundreds of students came together to learn about poverty in Rwanda. The day was amazing and I was able to meet people who had the same drive for change, as myself! Don't worry I'm getting to the hair cutting :p

One of the speakers on the day told us how during the previous year (for the 40 hour famine), he shaved half of his hair and wore a sign saying 'if you think my haircut is shocking, what about the 50% of people from Malawi who are living under the poverty line?" My friend, Ellie and I found this so inspiring that we got permission from our school to cut off our hair, something that we as teenage girls value, to inspire other girls from our school to sign up for the 40 hour famine this year. It was a huge success and our online total has increased by $2000 in the past few days!! Although I now have quite a dodgy haircut, I am so glad that I am able to help those who don't even have enough food.

If you would like to sign up for the 40 hour famine this year - where you can give up ANYTHING from food to talking to furniture for 40 hours, you can do it here! If you don't want to participate but want to help, you can always sponsor a friend to do it or donate to world vision here.

Ok, so I thought I'd do a quick outfit post today featuring some gorgeous new products I received from two lovely labels: Stellato the Label and Lantern Designs. I have worn the choker from stellato the label almost everyday - I actually love it so much! My spotted pencil case it just gorgeous - I adore the colour and pattern on it. Be sure to check out both Stellato the Label and Lantern Designs!

Georgia wears
Jumpsuit // Andy & Lucy
Choker // Stellato the Label

Spotted pencil case // Lantern Designs


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  1. Lovely outfit! I think what you did was so amazing :D You go girl!

    Have a wonderful day
    Ruby xox


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