Cotton Candy

Because it's the middle of Winter, every day in Sydney has been either rainy or freezing cold. There were a couple of warm days in the holidays and of course the day that I decided to shoot this outfit was one of them! However, I survived, despite some odd looks from members of the public.

I got this black coat and dusty pink knit as early birthday presents and I'm completely in love! I picked them out specifically for my trip at the end of the year (any guesses where?? Hint: it's going to be very cold when I'm there). The coat is so so warm and the hood makes me look like an Eskimo! 

Oh and I'm 18 today! Thank you to those of you who have been following me since I was 15 years old (feels like ages ago) and WELCOME to those of you who have only just discovered my blog. I truly appreciate every comment/ email I receive and it means so much to me that you all support me in what I love to do. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Much love as always,
G x


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