My thoughts about self expression


Today i'm going to tell you what I think about being yourself and expressing who you are. So being a teen is hard work! We are always expected to keep up with the latest 'fashion,' read the latest magazines, look what we like to call 'beautiful,' own the latest products etc. It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are someone that you actually aren't. 

Social media, magazines and shops can make you think you need the newest clothing, jewellery, phone etc. and I find that often I look at a product and think "I don't like that" and after everyone on instagram has posted a photo with that product, I start to think: I really should buy that. 

I think that each of us should follow our own trends and likes. Sure, some people may inspire you in what you choose, but it shouldn't define you. Each of us are different, and therefore like different things. I believe we should embrace our differences and not choose who we are based on what others think. 

One of my favourite quotes by Dr Seuss goes like this: 

"Today you are you, 
that is truer than true, 
there is no one alive, 
who is youer than you!" 

I think we should listen to Dr Seuss and be our self, express who we are and not try and be someone we're not.


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