My name is Gigi, I am 19-year-old, lover of hummus, stars and good music. Milky Way Blog 
was born in February 2014 and is about everything from fashion and crafts to 
lifestyle. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

A few facts about me..
Hobbies + blogging, touch football, netball, constantly redecorating my room

Music + The Oh Hellos, Coldplay, The xx, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons

Food + hummus, sushi, dark chocolate, watermelon, avocado, mango, blueberries,

Studying + chemical engineering


What camera do I use?
I use a Canon g7x for filming and taking photos

How do I edit my photos?
I use Photoshop to adjust brightness/ contrast unless I'm doing an edit where I change the whole background. I also use VSCO cam or ColorStory on my phone. At the end of 2017, I started playing around with Lightroom.

Why did I start blogging?
I love taking photos and writing. Blogging seemed like a way to combine the two so I started and haven't looked back since. 

How did I start a blog?
Set up a blogger account and wrote my first post that same day. I wrote about things that interested me. For almost a year, I used the blogger templates which were easy to use and free. If I needed to do something and I wasn't sure how, I just googled it - there's heaps of helpful websites out there!
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